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10 More Excellent PTC Reactions 

Compelling Benefits: High performance commercial PTC processes exist for many more PTC reactions detailed below.

Typical Barriers:  Specialized PTC expertise is required to identify, develop and commercialize opportunities within the extremely broad scope of application of PTC.

Description: There are > 30 reaction categories of effective PTC reactions. The most common commercial PTC reactions which were not described in the "Top 10", but for which very high performance processes can be developed include:

  • N-alkylation

    • of  activated N-H and many heterocycles such as pyrrole, imidazole, carbazole, indole, purines, pyrimidines, pyridone, lactams, triazoles, azepines, aziridines and amides such as benzamide, sulfonamides, and others
  • C-Alkylation (nucleophilic)
    • of nitriles, ketones, diketones, aldehydes, sulfones, imines, substrates with pKa 7-23 such as malononitirle, phenylacetonitrile, acetoacetate, fluorene, cyclopentadiene, phenylacetone and others
  • Dehydrohalogenation
  • Oxidation 
    • using hypochlorite, even in cases not generally associated with hypochlorite
    • using hydrogen peroxide
    • using permanganate (including manganese dioxide recycle which is cost effective and environmentally desirable); significant and surprising opportunities here
  • Epoxidation
  • Aldol Condensation
  • Michael Addition
  • Reduction
    • Hydrogenation: did you know that Pd/C can be activated by PTC? This is a recent breakthrough.
    • Borohydride: PTC has been used to reduce borohydride excess to 4 mole%, thereby saving significant expensive borohydride
  • Fluoride and Halex Reactions
    • including nucleophilic aromatic substitutions using KF; highly specialized PTC expertise is required for KF reactions which are optimal in a narrow range of PTC process parameters
    • nucleophilic iodide reactions
  • Azide
    • organic azides and tetrazoles

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