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Easy Questions

A "Yes" answer to any question means
you should strongly consider

Phase Transfer Catalysis 
to improve 
process performance and profit

Increase Yield  |  Reduce Reaction Time  |  Replace Strong Base  |  Eliminate Solvent  |  

Reduce Excess Reactants  |  Reduce Solvent Volume  |  Increase Selectivity  |

Would you like to...? (pick any one or more)

Is your current yield < 85%?
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Does your current process and/or reaction take 8 hours or longer and you desire higher throughput?

Would you like to eliminate or consolidate unit operations, especially those involving intermediate isolation?
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Are you using methoxide (methylate), ethoxide, t-butoxide, NaH, NaNH2 (even LDA in rare cases)?          
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Do you want easier workup, better phase separation, better solvent recovery or lower emissions?

Are you using DMSO, NMP, DMF, DMAc, HMPA, methylene dichloride, ethylene dichloride, acetone, etc.?
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Are you using 15 mole% excess or higher of any raw material, including but not limited to cyanide, phosgene, borohydride, benzoyl chloride (or hundreds of others)?          
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Does solvent take up more than 50% of your reactor volume? 
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Does your product purity suffer from high levels of by-products, especially hydrolysis products?

Are you using water-sensitive reactants or products?          
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