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The goals of the Six Sigma Program and the PTC Cost Savings Program match extremely well. In fact, FMC is implementing the "PTC Cost Savings Program" as part of their Agricultural Products Group's Six Sigma Program (press release). 


If your company manufactures organic chemicals and has an active Six Sigma program, your company should definitely consider the PTC Cost Savings Program. Your personal or department annual goals may already include taking initiative to identify cost savings opportunities for your company's organic chemical manufacturing. Invest a few minutes to call Marc Halpern at 800-PTC-7118 (800-782-7118 in the US or call +1 856-222-1146 from outside the US), and ask how the PTC Cost Savings Program can work for you, your manager, your black belts and green belts. You can also inquire by E-mail or by inquiry form


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Six Sigma Background and Role of PTC Organics:

The Six Sigma process is based on "Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce waste and enhance products and processes." PTC Organics can play a crucial role in the Six Sigma process by contributing in the steps Define, Analyze and Improve as follows:

DEFINE: PTC Organics trains companies how to identify cost savings opportunities specifically using phase transfer catalysis (free of charge).
MEASURE: Once trained to identify PTC opportunities, the companies themselves must measure the theoretical potential cost savings of an ideal improved process.
ANALYZE: The customer signs a Confidential Disclosure Agreement with PTC Organics and discloses the opportunities with the highest measured profit impact. PTC Organics' Scientific Advisory Board reviews and determines the probability of technical success (free of charge). Criteria For Success are defined and the development agreement is signed.
IMPROVE: PTC Organics develops new PTC technology. The customer implements and commercializes the advantageous PTC technology.
CONTROL: The customer conducts ongoing production using the improved process.


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